Meet Kimberley’s New Home Experts: Amie Brown

Jul 16, 2020

Meet Kimberley’s New Home Experts: Amie Brown

Meet Amie, our New Home Expert in the Arbours of Keswick

Meet Amie Brown, a veteran New Home Expert with Kimberley Homes who is currently working in our Keswick communities.

Amie has been in the new home industry for 15 years and is incredibly passionate about designing custom floor plans based off of her client’s specific needs. When asked why her clients choose her to assist them on their new home journey, Amie replied, “Because I am confident and capable – I really know what I am talking about and I care.” Amie is the right mix of compassionate and real, something that her clients really love about her. She will make sure she is helping steer you in the right direction so that you are never left feeling lost.

Amie moved from working with a production style builder to Kimberley Homes 10 years ago because she knew of Kimberley’s incredible reputation in the industry. When asked what her most rewarding moment has been as a New Home Expert, Amie replied, “I started my career really knowing nothing and then to learn custom home drawing and seeing the amount of growth I have had over the years is incredibly rewarding. I take an immense amount of pride in my infills as well – I drew them from scratch!” Before she started working for Kimberley Homes, Amie admired every Kimberley home she stepped foot into. “I will never forget the first Kimberley Home I walked into. It was a New Hampshire, and I just fell in love. The quality is something you can legitimately feel. When I became bored working for a production builder I moved to Kimberley Homes so I could get into custom home designing.”

Amie eventually built her very own Kimberley Home and the one room she could never live without is her luxurious ensuite. Amie’s extensive experience with new homes has provided her with the ability to assist her clients everywhere – from acreages to infills and community homes, Amie has done it all.