Meet Kimberley’s New Home Experts: Emma Wellman

May 8, 2020

Meet Kimberley’s New Home Experts: Emma Wellman

Meet Emma, our New Home Expert in Jagare Ridge and Jensen Lakes

Emma is a veteran in the new home industry with 15 years of experience! When asked what Emma loves most about her role as New Home Expert, she replied, “interacting with so many different people and having my clients open up to me – I become part of the family.”

This is no surprise considering Emma has such a warm personality that brings comfort to people when they first meet her. Emma’s clients find her incredibly easy to get along with and appreciate the genuine experience she provides, right from the get go.

Emma was privy to Kimberley’s incredible reputation in the industry long before she started her position with the company and has said that it was the dream opportunity that she always had her eye on. Emma’s primary client base is move-up home buyers who are generally more experienced when it comes to purchasing a home. They trust her guidance and expertise.

When asked what piece of advice she would give to someone searching for a new home, Emma replied, “Trust your gut and do your research. Look online at reviews. This provides you with honest and raw feedback from people who have built new homes. Also, if you fall in love with a home and it’s the first one you have seen, that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong choice.”

Emma has had so many rewarding experiences throughout her career, but for her, the most rewarding has been working with more challenging clients who have pushed her to become better. “To see how happy they are at the end of the build is always incredibly rewarding.”

Emma wants everyone to know that Kimberley’s incredible client experience starts within the organization. “We have such an incredible culture – it’s like nothing I have ever experienced.  We have such a family atmosphere and it starts right at the top of the organization. Our clients are happy because we are happy.” Working with new homes has given Emma so many ideas for her dream home over the years, but the one thing she would most definitely have in her dream home would be a massive butler’s kitchen because this girl can cook!